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Deep Dive Resources

Regenerative Stewardship Curriculum

The Regenerative Stewardship Curriculum is designed to help all who are interested in regeneration to gain a better understanding of how one’s land and business can commit and contribute to regenerative agriculture. 


Colorado Grain Revival Guide

The Grain Revival Guide is an evolving, holistic, and comprehensive collection of resources on the Front Range Grain Revival movement. 



An Examination of Local Grain Sourcing

This in-depth research pulls together many of the threads of the local supply chain to holistically investigate the case for regionally sourced grain.


The Economics of Regeneration

This report offers an overview of financial levers currently available to raise the regenerative capacity of farms across a spectrum of management regimes and ecological contexts. 


Evaluating Organic Transitions at the Field Level

This publication provides information on making plans to transition to organic crop production. It helps outline the need for a transition crop plan, the importance of individual crop budgets, and evaluating results.


Sources of Government Funding for Regenerative Farmers

A Comparative Analysis of Government Agricultural Assistance Programs. This report dives deeper into government programs that can benefit regenerative farmers.


2020 Perennial Fund White Paper 

This whitepaper was the catalyst for the creation of the Perennial Fund and eventually Mad Capital.


Policy Incentives for Soil Health Practices

This report, prepared by fellows at the University of California Berkeley, considers five potential federal soil health policies which would pay farmers to adopt soil health practices in order to identify the most promising pathway for widespread adoption of soil health practices. 


Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report

The Madness keeps growing! Read about our year in review.


2022 Annual Report 

We launched a 10-year regenerative research program, had one of our offerings fledge into a Public Benefit Corporation, executed a full-scale rebrand, traded nearly six million pounds of regeneratively-grown crops, and so much more.


2021 Annual Report

This report highlights the four domains of work, Capital, Markets, Stewardship & the Revolution.


2020 Annual Report

This report covers the programs and strategic plan that came out of 2020.


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