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our Kernza® work is in partnership with the PERENNIAL PROMISE GROWERS COOPERATIVE

Kernza® is the first commercially available perennial grain and is a substitute for traditional wheat in foods such as flour, bread, tortillas, crackers, pasta and beer or can be used as a whole grain ingredient.

It’s extensive root system prevents erosion, cleans water, mitigates nitrate leaching, improves soil health, and sequesters more atmospheric carbon than traditional wheat.

Kernza® grain is harvested from intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium). It’s closely related to annual wheat and has been historically grown as fodder for livestock. The Land Institute, a non-profit research, education and policy organization based in Salina, Kansas, began breeding Kernza for human consumption in 2003.

Kernza’s commercial launch is the result of an unprecedented coalition of land grant universities, farmers, research partners, processors, and CPG companies from 15 states and 10 countries, including leadership from the University of Minnesota’s Forever Green Initiative.

Today the emerging crop is grown on nearly 4,000 acres across the U.S. & Canada and is being sold to sustainability focused brands and consumers.

Mad Agriculture represents the Perennial Promise Growers’ Cooperative, a collective of 27 farmers across the upper Midwest, that account for 30% of the total active U.S. Kernza acres.


  • Improves soil’s ability to retain water, prevents runoff, and reduces soil erosion

  • May reduces nitrate leaching into groundwater by 95%

  • Provides diverse wildlife habitat

  • Kernza production reduces greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced tillage and inputs

  • Perennial grasslands, like Kernza, sequester 300 - 1,000 pounds of atmospheric carbon per acre per year

Formulation & Flavor

  • Flavor: Kernza has a unique sweet & nutty flavor profile.

  • High in protein, fiber, potassium, carotenoids, calcium, and antioxidants - especially when compared to wheat

  • It performs more like rye in baking applications

  • Kernza is most often used as a blended ingredient with Common inclusions rates between 10-50%

Kernza Products

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Patagonia Provisions 

Long Root Ale, Fusilli Pasta

kernza cereal

Cascadian Farms 

Honey Toasted Kernza Clusters Cereal

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Perennial Pantry 

Flour & Pancake Mixes, Crackers

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Analysis & Applications

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Recent Press

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Want to try an easy Kernza recipe?

Kernza Crackers

Meet a Kernza Grower

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