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Mad Markets helps farmers, processors, and brands meet their regenerative sourcing and supply chain sustainability goals. We connect farmers to values-aligned buyers and promote marketplace adoption of regenerative organic agriculture.

Mad Markets Offerings

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Regenerative Organic Sourcing Solutions

Mad Markets provides innovative sourcing, brokerage, and supply chain development programs that support buyers and farmers. We develop equitable supply networks, while delivering the highest-quality ingredients, thought leadership & sourcing strategies.

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Equitable Marketplace Solutions for Farmers

Mad Markets creates direct-trade programs that connect our farmers to values-aligned consumer packaged goods companies & buyers looking for regenerative organic ingredients. We solve processing, food safety and compliance challenges, while rewarding farmers for regenerative stewardship.

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Innovative Supply Chain Partnerships

Mad Markets turns supply chains into regenerative networks that reward farmers & brands who embrace regenerative organic practices. We develop bespoke sourcing programs that deliver identity-preserved, value-added ingredients to the marketplace, while promoting relationships and storytelling.

Regenerative Crops

Mad Markets focuses on organic and regenerative staple crops in the United States and Canada. Explore our full list of crops we currently work with.

Crops Handled
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Mad Markets Resources & Partnerships

Kernza® is the first commercially available perennial grain. It’s extensive root system prevents erosion, cleans water, mitigates nitrate leaching, improves soil health, and sequesters more atmospheric carbon than traditional wheat. Learn about the importance of this crop for our food system!

The Perennial Promise Grower's Cooperative seeks to provide direction and assistance to farmers interested in growing and marketing Kernza. This means working closely with them to provide assistance in adopting this transformational ecological system as well as provide the logistical and processing networks, services and expertise for scaling-up Kernza. The Mad Markets team works to market the crops growN within the cooperative.

Mad Agriculture is working with Miyoko's Dairy Farm Transition Program to develop markets for former dairy farms transitioning to regenerative specialty cropping systems in the North East. Dairy Farm Transition provides new opportunities to dairy producers who want to explore alternative farming enterprises. Their goal is to decrease the barriers to farm-level innovation by paving an independent path forward. 

Our collective work is focused on helping farmers transition to and thrive in regenerative organic agriculture, with a focus on facilitating the transition to plant-based food systems. We jointly commit to food-system transformation through innovative collaborations.

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