Regenerative organic agriculture carries the promise of curbing climate change and providing healthy food for people, yet the verified ecological and economic benefits of regenerative practices remain vague. We launched our Regenerative Research Program that will provide unparalleled data and new insights into the financial, ecological and social benefits of regeneration. 

Mad Ag is partnering with Ecdysis FoundationRES, Earth Optics, and Xerces Society, to rigorously monitor changes in carbon sequestration, soil health, farmer wellbeing, crop yield and nutrient density, profitability, and the biodiversity of insects, birds and plants. The regenerative agriculture and environmental movements need data on real farms, run by real farmers.


Over the next 10 years, this program will monitor the benefits of transformation across dozens of large-scale farms in the United States. We are currently researching 11 farms in five US states across the Great Plains. Our research approach is co-designed with farmers to ensure that learnings benefit and inform farmer decision-making and operational health. 

Mad Ag’s research will provide insights into the power of regenerative agriculture for solving climate change, reversing biodiversity and soil loss, and providing healthy food for the world. On the financial side, monitoring ecological and financial health together will inform how soil health can mitigate risk in agriculture. This study will not live on a shelf –  it is here to inform and be implemented by farmers ready for the regenerative transition.

Dig into the Data

Bird Biodiversity

A vibrant, thriving bird community is a great indicator of ecological health.

Last year, we monitored breeding birds in each of our research fields with the help of our friends at RES. We observed 3,600 individual birds and 96 different species of birds across our 28 research fields!

Farmers can play an important role in supporting bird biodiversity and species conservation on farms by farming near or interspersed between habitat for birds, like forests, grasslands, and wetlands.


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